March 5, 2003  

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Reju, Reji Bhavan, Thekkan Mainagappally, Kollam.

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The timely action of 8th standard student Reju averted a possible train accident at Mainagappally, Kollam yesterday.  Reju, who was going home from school after a brief halt at a friendís house, saw a crack on the rail track at around 4 p.m.   The crack could have developed after Kerala Express had rolled over it a short while ago.

As soon as he noticed the danger, Reju rushed into a nearby house to get a piece of red cloth.  He then placed it at the vulnerable spot and immediately rushed to the No: 133 level crossing to inform the gate keeper about the situation.  The gate keeper Aravindakshan Pillai immediately alerted the Sasthamkottah railway station to stop all traffic along the route temporarily, thus averting a possible derailment.

Reju is the son of Achan Kunju and Susamma, Reji Bhavan, Thekkan Mainagappally, Kollam.




Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, January 29, 2003

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