March 4, 2003  

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Dr.P.Sivaprasad, Plant Pathology Department, Agriculture College, Vellayani, Thiruvananthapuram

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At a time when arcane research of academic nature bring no benefit to the farmers, the work of Dr.P.Sivaprasad, Plant Pathology Department, Agriculture College, Vellayani, is refreshingly different.

His research on microbes is meant specifically to benefit the farmers.  In India, perhaps no one has done as much work on microbes as Dr. Sivaprasad.  And as if by magic, his useful findings reach the farmers throughout the length of Kerala within a few days. 

He has worked on the microbes common in Kerala and their relative efficiency.  Credit should go to him for discovering the most suitable microorganisms in different categories useful as manure for Kerala condition.  And by forgoing the right to produce these organisms commercially, he has helped the Agriculture University generate lakhs of rupees as revenue.  Besides, by selling to farmers the culture of these microbes from research stations and Agriculture Colleges at half the market rate, he is emphasizing the vision of his research: to help the farmers.

Thus his work is an example how good agricultural research should be carried out.



Courtesy: Karshakashree, February 2003

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