March 29, 2003 

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Kaladi K.R.Gopinathan Vaidyar, K.V.M.Kaladi Memorial Sidha Ayurveda Centre, Thumba, Thiruvananthapuram

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Those who come to Kaladi K.R.Gopinathan Vaidyar alias Gopi Asan at K.V.M.Kaladi Memorial Sidha Ayurveda Centre near Saint Xavier’s College, Thumba, Thiruvananthapuram, for treatment are often struck by the vast collection of medicinal plants there.  Athi, Ithi, Banyan, Arasu, Orila, Arogyapacha…the list goes on.  Says Asan: All plants are medicinal, including the grass we trample upon.  And they have answers to the enigmas of modern ailments. 

Anjaneya Kalari Troupe of the Centre is another passion of his. In the ‘marma’ or vital parts treatment, his guru is his own father, Raghvan Pillai, a doctor of the erstwhile royal family.  If his father was known as ‘VIP’ doctor, he is not far behind in the treatment of influential persons: Speaker Vakkam Purushothaman, Ministers, IAS officers etc have availed his treatment. 

For training about 200 senior officers of the police in martial art, he is known in police circles as ‘Police Asan’.

In Asan’s garden there are special resting places for the patients.  These groves made of medicinal plants hasten the treatment he imparts.  His gruel for the patients is also well known.  The treatment includes Nasyam, Vasthi, Massaging, Kizhi, Pizhichil etc.

Asan is now busy with plans to start an institution to teach Sidha Medicine.


Courtesy: Deshabhimani, December 25, 2002

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