March 28, 2003 

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Shaji, Kesava Vilasam, Kaimanam, Thiruvananthapuram

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After duty in the police station, constable Shaji dons a different role at home – a role for which he is liked by both police and criminals!  His more noble profession is as a ‘marmani’ doctor taking care of the broken limbs and sprained muscles.  And among his patients are colleagues as well as accused who had to undergo the 3rd degree in the police station.

‘Marmani’ system of vital points and massaging based on them are having few takers in the modern world.  Yet Shaji and his ancestors have been keeping the practice of this ancient treatment alive.  His father Karunakaran Vaidyan, who has written a book on the science of vital points, is his guru.  His grandfather, great grandfather and uncles were practitioners of this way of life.  

While in Ayurveda the patients for massaging have to lie face up, in his method they have to lie face down.  According to him, this system of treatment can control blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Some of the accused come to him straight from the police station to regain their health.  To them at that time, he is just a doctor.  Even if he suspects that some of the patients are evading arrest at the time of treatment with him, he refrains from questioning them.  But he doesn't refrain from advising them to walk along the path of dharma.  And often the result is positive: on completion of the treatment the patient would have been cured of his wrong mental notion too!  In fact he is of the opinion that 3rd degree has no place in the police station.

It was the treatment of Second Commandant of K.A.P, who had been injured in an accident that made him well known in the Police department. 

Shaji doing massaging

Courtesy: Maxi Viswas Mena, Malayala Manorama, February 8, 2003

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"More the laws, more the offenders."