March 24, 2003 

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Madhu Bhaskar,  ‘Fingertips’, Thiruvananthapuram. Ph: 2722722

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Started in 1994 with a single phone on rent, ‘Fingertips’, the free telephone enquiry service by Madhu Bhaskar is now a concern employing 22 telephone operators and answering hundreds of calls a day.

Whether the call is to find out the chief ministers of various states, or the address of a phone number in Bangalore, or the phone number of an office in Thiruvananthapuram, ‘Fingertips’ provides the required information fast and free.

His journey to the service was through music.  Madhu Bhaskar, who had learned music at Swathi Tirunal College, Thiruvananthapuram wanted to start a music school of his own.  While going through the telephone directory to find out addresses for mailing the brochure of the proposed school, the idea of ‘Fingertips’ suddenly occurred to him.  And Sreekala, who came to type the addresses for the brouchure on contract basis for 1 month, later became his wife.

The number 2722722 at ‘Fingertips’ is capable of receiving 20 calls simultaneously.  Madhu Bhaskar, Sreekala and their two children Arya and Arjun along with the 20 women employees run the service, which is getting expanded in the meanwhile.  Already the firm has started operation in Kollam at 2799799 and Ernakulam at 2783783. 

Revenue for the venture comes from commercial establishments who wish to have their information disseminated by the agency.  They are charged Rs.2 per day.

Singer Madhu Bhaskar came to this field after trying his hand at graphic designing and print consultancy.  “God is utilizing my service in this field”, he says.

Work at 'Fingertips'

Courtesy: Kanyaka, January 31, 2003

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