March 22, 2003 

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Francis Xavier, Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi, Mayyanad, Kollam

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When he founded the Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi aimed at humanitarian work in 1994, Francis Xavier was an engineer in Electricity Board.  After reclaiming a bit of marshy land adjacent to the bus stand at Kollam, he built a thatched shed for the Samithi, whose aim was to feed at least one time a day, the poor patients coming to the district hospital.  The venture, started with a borrowed fund of Rs. 2000, was able to feed 45 patients initially.  Slowly the resources multiplied and today they feed as well as provide other help to 200 patients.

In 1998, the Samithi further expanded its activities by starting a centre for mentally unsound and wandering persons at Mayyanad.  This centre, which provides shelter for 240 inmates including 65 women, has many stories of successful reunion of the inmates with their families. Rani from Delhi who regained her memory after a soothing sojourn at the centre and was thus able to go back to her home is one such example.

Yet others prefer to stay on in the centre, relishing the love and care which they never received from anyone in life.  Lalithambika, who was  assumed to have drowned in Sasthamkotta lake, refused to leave the centre even after her relatives located her there.  For she had found a respite from the long suffering insanity in the loving care here.

Francis Xavier, his wife and 3 children, have a big family of 250 to look after. These include tiny tots of 6 months to grandmothers of 90-years.  “I am only the trustee of Providence”, that is the attitude of Xavier as he goes on with his chosen form of service.



Courtesy: Kanyaka, January 31, 2003

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