March 19, 2003 

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Kurian John Melamparambil

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He wouldn’t like to be known as just a businessman.  For Kurian John Melamparambil, Chairman of the multi-crore Melam Group, business is a means to continue his philanthropic efforts.  With half the profit of the company is earmarked for charitable purposes, he has already spent around 2.5 crores for the treatment of poor patients.

Any poor patient, with the authentication of a doctor and the introduction of an elected representative, can avail the financial assistance for treatment.  In addition to paying the hospital charges, his trust, Melamparambil Varghese John Memorial (MVJM) Charities, founded in memory of his late father, provides them food and clothing also.

His father expired the same year Kurian obtained M.S.W from Indore School of Social Work, Madhya Pradesh.  The very same year, he started the MVJM Charities and 6 years later, in 1986, registered it as a Society.  With Rs 28000 as working capital obtained from a chitty, he started the activities of the society.  As more and more needy persons started approaching him, he began to think of starting a business to sustain the charitable activities.

It was thus that he thought of marketing curry powders and masalas.  With recipe from master chef Thankam Philip he started manufacturing curry masalas in 1992 in a rented grinding mill.  The success of the products was phenomenal with the company registering a turnover of 35 crores this year.  

With the growth of the business, the Charities also grew by leaps and bounds.  Ministers, MLAs, other elected representatives and 450 odd hospitals are partners in the network of this benevolent effort.  According to him, money for good works come imperceptibly like a spring bringing water to a well.

His wife Sujatha is the Executive Director of the Melam Group.  He has 2 daughters: Divya, a final year degree student and Dhanya, a 9th standard student.



Courtesy: P.P.Prathapan, Mathrubhumi, January 13, 2003

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"Charity begins at home."