March 17, 2003 

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K.K.Suresh, Head,  Mural Painting Department, Sanskrit University, Kaladi, Ernakulam

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The 1200 feet long and 5 feet high compound wall of Sanskrit University, Kaladi, Ernakulam,  is finding a place in the Guinness Book of Records, thanks to the relief work done on it by K.K.Suresh.  Suresh, head of the Mural Painting Department at the University has done this longest relief work in the world on this wall.

The scenes depicted on the wall includes the life story of Sankaracharya, 108 karanas of Bharatha Muni, episodes from Epics and dramas of Kalidasa etc.  Also included are models of Kerala-style arts.

The wall, which had been completed in 1998, had attracted many foreigner visitors and it was this that prompted the Guiness authorities to check its uniqueness.  The artist completed it in 66 days with the assistance of a mason and a woman mazdoor.

Suresh, who had dropped out of school in 10th standard and later joined the Fine Art School, Thrissur to pursue his interest has so far completed about 5000 paintings on different themes.  Some of his noted works include 5000 feet long ‘Yayati’ and 1200 feet long ‘Narayaneeyam’.

Suresh, who belongs to Velur in Thrissur is the son of Kolangaraparambu Kurup and Ammu.  He is now residing at Chengal near Kaladi.  Rini is his wife and Vishnu and Varsha are their children.

The compound wall with relief work

Courtesy: Deshabhimani, January 5, 2003

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