March 11, 2003  

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Govind Balakrishna Pillai,  University of Technology, Sydney

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18-year-old Govind has an answer to the transliteration problem of typing an email in English and getting the output in Malayalam script.  He has developed a free online email communication system where anyone registering at his site www.aksharam.net can send Malayalam mail using his or her existing email ID.

This 4th year student of University of Technology, Sydney felt the need for the software when he wanted to write to his parents, Dr.G.Balakrishna Pillai and Dr.Jalaja, now settled in New Zealand.  2 years of effort resulted in the site and the software.

Type ‘ente priyappetta appa’ and the software changes the script to Malayalam.  There is no need to download any software or fonts for the purpose.

Though other sites like Sify.com offers similar service, the uniqueness of his site is that here a person with any email ID can use it.

Govind learned the basics of computer from his sister, Dr. Sandhya, now working in Aukland.  At the age of 8 he started writing programmes for computer games and at 12 started using Internet.  Since then he has been doing projects for many companies.

His ambition is to use technology to develop something of use to the people.



Courtesy: Malayala Manorama, August 24, 2001

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