August 9, 2003 

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A.Abdul Rahim, Ruby Sweets

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56 years ago, when A.Abdul Rahim started a cottage industry with 4 employees to manufacture confectionaries, he himself could not have foreseen the growth that the company would make over the years.  Today, with an employee base of 75 and 150 agencies, the Ruby Sweets does brisk business worth crores in Kerala and neighbouring States.

After studies, when he had started his career as a military contractor and a small scale industrialist, that his attention was turned to the sweets and confectionaries.  At that time Kerala did not have a sweet factory of its own and a company from Madras ruled the roost.

In the beginning the company had just one hand operated machine.  Excepting sugar, all the raw materials had to be imported from outside India.  In order to learn the process of manufacturing, he visited major factories.  Today the factory has all the equipments needed for a modern confectionary unit.

78-year-old Rahim is assisted by his sons Salim and Syad.  In the midst of his busy schedule, he finds time for social work too.  State President of MES, Vice President of Small Scale Industries Association, District President of Merchantsí Association etc are some of the roles he has performed.



Courtesy:  T.G.Ravikumar, Mathrubhumi, March 10, 2003

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