August 8, 2003 

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Michael, Gardener, Kanakakkunnu Palace, Thiruvananthapuram

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If other sculptors use metals or cement or clay for their works, gardener Michael uses living plants for his purpose.

63-year-old Michael, who is a topiarist at the Kanakakkunnu Palace for the past 3 years, was earlier a gardener at the Museum, Thiruvananthapuram.  It was his fondness for gardens even after retirement that resulted in his appointment as topiarist at the renovated Kanakakkunnu Palace. 

Although many of his works at the Palace had to be removed as part of renovation, he is contented that they could be shifted to a different part of the Palace compound.  Among them the symbol of 50 years of India’s independence, fairy, seats, turtle etc are some of his noticeable works.

Although he has many disciples, majority of them have left him due to impatience.  “The few who have clung to the art are able to reap the financial rewards of the work.

His advice to those who wish to come to this field is: “Work patiently.  And love the trees like your own children.”

Michael at work 


Courtesy:  M.P.Ayyappa Das, Karshakan, July 2003 

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