August 6, 2003 

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Jayendran, Tooni Valappil, Kallum Kunnu, Puthoor, Thrissur

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The young man who rushed about 60 road accident victims to the hospital in his autorickshaw, ‘Sahayi’, during the past 8 years, is today in need of a walking stick.  And the autorickshaw that was his helping hand is under threat of recovery by the money lenders.

After taking the victims to the hospital, Jayendran, Tooni Valappil, Kallum Kunnu, Puthoor, Thrissur used to disappear from the scene once the victims’ relatives arrive.  It was to avoid the impression that he was waiting for some quid pro quo.  But he could not always perform such escape acts.  3 years ago, he picked a bleeding young man from the road and rushed him to the Medical College.  The relatives who hurried to the hospital thought that Jayendran was the culprit.  They roughed him up before realizing their folly and apologizing to him.

Hartals are the days when he is most active.  His own sister had died 25 years ago on a bandh day for want of timely treatment.  It is this bleeding memory which makes him provide free service on hartal / bandh days.  Once the bandh enforcers destroyed his ‘Sahayi’ and at another time they hacked his leg.  But that has not deterred him.

In May 2001 he himself was involved in an accident when a lorry hit him.  The resulting hip injury finally made him depend on a walking stick.  And the Rs.2.8 lakhs expenses for treatment made him a dependant on lenders.  To add to the woes, his daughter’s eye injury resulted in another Rs.20000 expenses for treatment.

Even in the midst of these disadvantages he was able to save 5 persons.  More than all other sorrows, he is pained by the thought of parting with the ‘Sahayi’, which now depends on the mercy of the moneylenders.

“He has only done good to others.  Perhaps some day that will be rewarded,” hopes his wife Jayalakshmi.

Jayendran with 'Sahayi'


Courtesy:  E.G.Ratheesh, Mathrubhumi, July 3, 2003

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"Old men go to death; death comes to young men."