August 3, 2003 

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N.V.John, Nedumpallil House, Parappuzha, Perumpayikkad, Kottayam-28 Ph: 0481- 2791175

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If the crane in the old story used its long neck to remove the bone from the fox’s throat, N.V.John uses an organic medicine to relieve the patients of their distress with fish spines or bones.

His method is very simple.  He gives the medicine to the patient in liquid form.  A paste of the medicine is given to apply externally.  The medicine in liquid form has to be sipped slowly.  After a few repetitions of the process, the anchored fish spines or bones are seen removed.

He learned the treatment from his father-in-law about 40 years back.  His father-in-law, it seems, had learned it from a rustic healer.  The plant used for his treatment is a common one, which he cultivates near his house.  Although his family knows the secret of the medicine, it is John alone, who does the treatment. He charges nothing from patients. However, if a grateful patient presses him to accept remuneration, he will do so.

Even patients who had been advised surgery by doctors have been cured by John’s medicine.  No patient had to return from him with disappointment so far.



Courtesy: Joshy M.Joseph, Karshakan, July 2003

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"Never cut what you can untie."