August 29, 2003 

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Safeer, 7th standard student, Alan Fieldman School, Thiruvananthapuram

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He grows 300 varieties of medicinal plants at home and knows most of their scientific names.  He knows their medicinal properties and has even won a 1st prize during the Flower Show 2 years ago, competing against adults. 

Meet Safeer, 7th standard student of Alan Fieldman School, Thiruvananthapuram who has already chosen a path of study apart from his academic pursuits even at this tender age. 

It was his grandfather, retired school master Ismail, who poured the love of herbs in the young boy’s heart.  The grandpa used to walk around their farm and point out the names of common and uncommon herbs to Safeer.  During that period, Safar’s hobby was to bring everyday one herb from the farm and plant it in front of their house.  His love of plants also started growing.  Slowly he started planting better varieties and labelling them.  Besides, he used to learn their properties from experts.

His 300 odd collection includes rare plants like ‘Aarogya Pacha’, ‘Karinkudangal’, ‘Chilanthi Pachila’ etc.  6 varieties of Thulasi, 9 varieties of ‘Kattar Vazha’ etc are some of the other plants.  A wound in his foot was once cured with the herb, ‘Murikoodi Pacha’ alone.

Other rare herbs in his collection include ‘Elloori Pacha’, the herb with property to join broken bones, ‘Sathaph’, used in the treatment of neuro-disorders, ‘Sinkona’ used in the treatment of malaria etc.

During the spare time after studies, Safeer doesn’t forget to take care of his medicinal plants.

Safeer besides a potted herb


Courtesy: Suresh Muthukulam, Malayala Manorama, May 9, 2003

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