August 27, 2003 

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Dr.Francis Kannikkal, Easo Bhavan College, Ernakulam

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If the 1st part of his Jesuit life was spent in acquiring knowledge, the 2nd part was spent in disseminating it to eager students.  And now in the 3rd stage of his quest he has taken on a more daunting task of being a facilitator of education.

Dr.Francis Kannikkal spent almost 3 decades studying theology and philosophy at various centers.  During this time he gathered a post graduate degree from University of Detroit, USA and a doctorate from Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai.  Later he spent long years teaching students in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.  It was after settling down at Varappuzha Archdiocese he started venturing into the management of education.

In 1977 he established Vidya Niketan, a parallel college for the poor students in and around Ernakulam.  When the number of students increased, he constructed its annexe.  After constructing the 4 story centenary building of St.Albert’s High School, he established the Easo Bhavan College in 1985the Assissi Vidya Niketan Public School in 1994.

His effort did not end with construction alone.  He ensured that the best teaching was available at the lowest cost.  Last year, Easo Bhavan College produced the best results in Plus Two under M.G.University.  This year with the assistance of Catholic Association he was able to distribute Rs.15 lakhs as scholarship for 385 students.  2 trusts of Rs.1 crore each have been established to assist poor students.

He sponsored the education of 17 students, of whom 11 are now engineers and 2 doctors.  Among them an engineer, now in UK, said with tear-filled eyes: “but for Father, I would have been a carpenter.”

His next ambition is to construct for free the building of the proposed cancer institute to be established by the Lourde Hospital, Ernakulam.  Ever active even in his 80th year, Father Kannikkal is ready to add to the goodness of the world if the Lord would give him strength.



Courtesy: Shiju Kelanthara, Malayalam, December 6, 2002

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"Poverty is worse than the four hundred diseases."