August 26, 2003 

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Dr.N.P.P.Namboodiri, Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda Research Centre, Koothattukulam, Ernakulam

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28-year-old Vinod Kumar, born and brought up in USA came to Dr.N.P.P.Namboodiri, Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda Research Centre, Koothattukulam after trying a cure for his eye disorder in 18 hospitals in the West.  His complaint: R.P or Retinitis Pigmentosa which has no cure in allopathy.  After 5 courses and 1˝ years of treatment here, he is able to make out objects in bright light.  What was diagnosed in the US with the help of sophisticated instruments, Dr. Namboodiri was able to diagnose by staring with naked eyes into Vinod’s eyes.  And Vinod, it seems, told his American doctors with pride about this.

N.P.P.Namboodiri, doctor at Government Ayurveda Hospital, Thodupuzha, is the mainstay of the Centre run by the Nellyakkat Illam.  This family, which has a tradition of 4 generations of health services, decided to make use of the doctor’s house when some unavoidable persons had to be admitted as in-patients.  That was the beginning of Sreedhareeyam in 1999.  Soon patients started coming from far and near.  Thus when the facilities of doctor’s ‘nalukettu’ were found insufficient, a new 65-bed block was constructed and became operational in October 2001.

Dr.Namboodiri has no quarrels with the modern medicine.  In fact, he praises the diagnostic tools available in that method, which makes his job easier.  “However, for certain diseases of the eye, there is no treatment in allopathy,” he avers.

Dr. Namboodiri’s achievements include curing 4 siblings of a family belonging to Venganad, Kannur suffering from R.P when other modes of treatment had failed.  Similarly, he was instrumental in bringing light to the eyes of 2 young children of Laurence, a mason from Neyyattinkara.  The school student who lost his eyesight when ‘jantacem’ fell into his eyes was another lucky patient who could get back his eyesight.  All these patients had come to him after treatment / surgery in major Ophthalmology Centres.


Dr.Namboodiri treating a patient


Courtesy: Bindu K.Prasad, Malayalam, June 21, 2002

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"He that always complains never gets solutions."