August 21, 2003 

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Sobheendran, Kozhikode 

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A former Economics faculty at the Guruvayoorappan College, Kozhikode and a grass root environmentalist, Sobheendran began his interventional activities with Nature right in the college itself. 

To facilitate the growth of trees in the barren 100 acre campus full of sandstone, he and his enthusiastic students brought lorry loads of earth and planted saplings.  Although they worked sincerely for many years, the results weren’t appreciable, for another wing of Nature, namely, rains, washed away much of the soil and the heat of summer wilted many a sapling.

However, that experiment paved the way for organising further successful forays into conservation activities, a little further away from the campus.  The shade giving trees seen on both sides of the Meenchantha-West Hill By Pass Road have been planted by the teacher and his student volunteers.

Sobheendran Master has so far planted and nurtured around 15000 trees in various parts of Kozhikode.  In addition, he took leadership role in forming the ‘Campus Research Centre’ in 1986, where the staff and students could meet and discuss issues.  Another notable activity of his was collecting field data about dangerous holes in the slabs covering drains in the corporation area of Kozhikode.  Although he and the students could collect information about 2000 such camouflaged pitfalls during 14 days of work and prepare a map of 500 locations that needed urgent attention, nothing much was done by the authorities.  In the end, students themselves rectified many a dangerous slab using their own meager resources.

Military fatigue is his favourite dress.  His justification for the choice: it makes him more active when wearing that shirt. 

His wife is Padmaja, Professor of Economics at S.N.College, Chelannur.  They have 2 children: Bodhi Krishna and Dhyan Dev.





Courtesy: Dr.Rajan Chungath, Malayalam, May 31, 2002

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