August 20, 2003 

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P.T.Sreedevi, Lecturer, Girls’ Vocational Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode. 

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The winner of this year’s NCERT award for outstanding teacher in Vocational Higher Secondary School is P.T.Sreedevi, lecturer of Medical Lab Technology at the Girls’ Vocational Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode. 

Sreedevi, who joined as a medical lab technician at Medical College, Kottayam soon after her graduation in B.Sc (Medical Lab Technology) was however keen to be a teacher.  And so when the opportunity came her way, she joined the School in 1993.  She refutes the opinion that VHS courses do not have necessary standard compared to other Plus Two courses.  The job opportunities for this course are more than that of any other Plus Two courses, she says.

Those who had completed the course from her school have gained employment there itself as Lab Assistant.  Similarly many students are employed as Lab Assistant in Government hospitals, she says.

She comes from a family with teaching background.  Her father, grandfather and 2 sisters are teachers.





Courtesy: Shyam Warriar, Vanitha, July 15-31, 2003

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