August 2, 2003 

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Tims, Nedumpurath, Cherpunkal, Pala, Kottayam.

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The potential loss to political science is the gain of agriculture.  A Ph.D scholar of political science, Tims heard the call of the soil.  And so it was quite easy for him to quit as a research student and become a farmer in the 16 acre land adjacent to his house at Nedumpurath, Cherpunkal, Pala, Kottayam.

And after 5 years when he looks back, there are reasons galore to be happy about the choice he had made.  During this time he was adjudged the best farmer in the District by the Kottayam District Panchayat.

His cultivation includes coco, coconut, banana and tapioca to vanilla and nut-meg.  The sight of rubber sheets around his house may not raise anybody’s curiosity but the paddy spread for drying will certainly surprise many.  Even now they grow the paddy needed for household purposes.

35-year-old Tims is the president of Mutholi Malanad Ksheera Karshaka Sangham and maintains 6 cows.  A member of the successful flower cultivation society, the Pala Anthurium Society, he has a collection of more than 500 anthuriums.

He gives importance to organic farming and uses cow dung as the base manure.  The biogas plant installed near the cowshed is towards this purpose.

A talented vegetable carver, he has won numerous trophies in this field.  His wife is Cochu Rani and children, Lillu and Louis. 

Tims with his cow


Courtesy: Staff Reporter, Karshakan, May 2003

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"The busy man has no time for tears."