August 17, 2003 

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Isaac Joseph, Lunar Rubber, Thodupuzha

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It was really trying times.  To gather the capital required to start the business, I had to run from pillar to post.  Then there was no one to move even a little finger in my favour.  Now things have changed.  Big and small, national and international donor agencies are after me to offer their loans.  But now I don’t feel the need for it.”

These are the words of Isaac Joseph, who started the Lunar Rubber unit at Thodupuzha 3 decades ago.  And now the company has 50% market share in South India.

His ambition was to become an engineer.  And once he achieved that milestone, his dreams soared higher into the industrial realm.  It was thus that Lunar Rubber was born.  The beginning was full of hiccups.  But self-confidence and entrepreneurial spirit together with the ability to foresee things helped him come up in the business field.

According to him, over the decades, the brand Lunar has made inroads into the mind of customers as a company that plays by the rule of quality.  It is by making this the foundation stone that the company is planning to build the next generation products in footwear and umbrellas.






Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi, May 19, 2003

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