August 15, 2003 

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Dr.T.C.Narendran, Professor of Zoology, University of Calicut

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His 3 decades of research into parasitic insects has been acclaimed by peers the world over.  No wonder Dr.T.C.Narendran is on the board of Royal Indemology Society, London and Indian Academy of Sciences; he has been a visiting professor at many foreign universities in UK and USA as well as some research institutions in India.  This professor of Zoology at University of Calicut is on the advisory committee of many international journals and has been receipient of the Certificate of Appreciation by the Agriculture Department, USA.  He has been a fellow of the Royal Society of London and the Smithsonian Institute, Washington.  Considering his contributions, the India International Friendship Society honoured him with an award in 1997.

Dr.Narendranís area of research is parasitic hymenoptera or parasitic insects and their classification.  Insects are the most abundant class of animals on earth and one of the biggest threats to humans.  That makes their study all the more important. His effort has resulted in introducing many insects to the world through his 206 papers in national and international journals and 5 published books. 

Dr.Narendran completed his B.Sc from Thrissur and M.Sc from St.Johnís College, Agra.  He later did his Ph.D from Calicut University before going on to London to complete his post-doctoral work.

Even when he is aware that his work can contribute to biological control of harmful insects, he is humble enough to acknowledge that more reseach is yet to be done.  He has already guided 19 research scholars and 17 M.Phil students.





Courtesy: Malayalam, April 18, 2003

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