September 23, 2002 

Inspiration for the day

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Shaju Bharathan, Anithottathil House, Mulappuram, Thodupuzha, Idukki

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He needs no implement to unhusk coconuts.  With tooth and nail, Shaju Bharathan, Anithottathil House, Mulappuram, Thodupuzha can do the job just as well.  However hard the husk, Shaju can remove it in seconds.  In his reckoning 18 seconds is the time required to the purpose.  And this is the effort of 13 years of practice.

His inspiration occurred when he observed a character in a drama being staged in the nearby temple use tooth to remove the husk.  Shaju went home and tried the same.  Although it caused him some pain, he was able to complete the task.

And watching him at work, his 4-year-old son Ramadasan too tried to apply his tooth to the problem.  Though slow, he nevertheless succeeded in the attempt.

Not only with tooth, Shaju can remove husks using either hands or legs.  With hands he takes 3 minutes while with feet he can do it in 90 seconds.

He has enthralled spectators by demonstrating his 3 methods at the Agricultural Melas conducted at Karimannoor and Thodupuzha.

Father and son giving the biting finish


Courtesy: O.N.Rajagopal, Kerala Kaumudi, August 4, 2002

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