May 29, 2002 

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Mustafa is an inspiring driver.  At home he moves about in his wheelchair as his both legs are paralysed following an accident.  Yet outside he drives a car specially designed to be controlled by the hand.  And he drove this car to New Delhi recently.

Mustafa, Kodoor, Malappuram was a small-time merchant and taxi driver in 1994 when tragedy struck his life.  The autorickshaw he was traveling in collided with another autorickshaw and he was admitted in the hospital with injuries. 

Months later when he left the hospital, both his legs were paralysed.  Though his body went through this excruciating ordeal, his mind was becoming stronger by the day.  He longed to go back to his job of running bakeries that had been sold off to fund his treatment.

He started picking up the threads of normal life by traveling in a 3-wheeled scooter initially.  But as this offered no protection against rain, he began to think about a car that could be controlled by the hand.

After many discussions with experts, the technicians at Maruti Centre, Kottappadi, Malappuram produced the car that had been conceived by Mustafa.

It was a day of celebration at Mustafa’s house.  He took his wife and son in the car for a ride through the town.

Slowly the hand-controlled car became known far and wide.  Many enquiries came to him from all over the country.

And then, as a fitting finale to his grand dream, he drove the car all the way up to New Delhi.

His wife Safiya’s understanding and courage were major factors in his recovery and achievements.


Courtesy: Safiya Mustafa, Vanitha, April 1-14, 2002 

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