March 27, 2002  

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K.E. Koshy, Bharat Bhavanam, Puthenkavu, Chengannur 

There is reason why freedom fighter K.E. Koshy built his own grave in his own land at the age of 70.  For 54 years back he had seen the church bar entry to a debtor’s corpse.  At that time he and the dead man’s relatives had gone around the town and collected sufficient funds to clear the debt with the church.   It was then that he fervently prayed to the Lord: “ O, God, let me not be buried in the cemetery where the poor are not allowed eternal rest”. (The church has since then abandoned this policy)

Koshy’s life can be considered an extension of that episode.  His enthusiasm to help others became stronger by the day.

He gives the fruits grown in his 4 acres of land at Bharat Bhavanam, Puthenkavu, Chengannur to the poor around him.  About 40 years back he built a swimming pool in his land for the children of the poor to enjoy a splash.  The signboard at the pool says: “For all children who are neat and disciplined”.

Once he brought a wandering lunatic home and treated him back to normalcy despite stiff resistance from his family.

His philanthropic mission began at the age of 12 when he organized a youth wing for social work.  During those days of abject poverty all around, the youth wing used to collect and distribute food items.

The incident of his meeting with President Lyndon Johnson in White House is an indication how a good deed in this world does bring a good return.  In 1941, during the Maramon Convention, Koshy donned the robe of a voluntary begger and collected alms at the entrance to the Convention.  He later distributed the amount so collected to the poor and needy.  It was during that week that he met an American called Johnson who had come there to address the Convention.  The American appreciated his work and they both exchanged addresses.

After 20 years, when his son had a heart ailment, Koshy remembered the American gentlemen.  Thus in 1967 he was able to meet the same Mr. Lyndon Johnson in White House.  It also enabled his son to have free treatment in USA.

Koshy and his son with President Johnson in White House


Courtesy: M.Vijayan, Kerala Kaumudi

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