April 26, 2002  

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young men of Turk Bazar near Kalpetta, Wynad


For more than 40 years now, young men of Turk Bazar near Kalpetta, Wynad are involved in rescue work.  Be it the floods in Mananthavady river or the train disaster at Kadalundi, they rush to the place uninvited.

Turk Bazar village is situated on both sides of the Turk river.  Earlier there was no bridge across the river.  During the long stretch of monsoon when the river was in spate, the choice before the villagers was to either swim across or take a circuitous route 7 km long.  It was a decision they had to take everyday while going for work in tea estates across the river.  The Young Turks chose the earlier option.

They would hold women workers with one hand and swim across the river.  This practice, in the course of time, gave them the courage and technical finesse to venture into rescue work.

The young boys of the village are ready to jump into water at spots where even experienced Fire Force personnel dare not venture.

As soon as they come to know of a catastrophe, they assemble at the village masjid voluntarily.  From there they rush to the disaster spot.  Those who come later also follow suit.

They have so far not accepted any remuneration for their life-saving acts. 

The Young Turks are well versed in martial arts also.  The credit for making Turk Bazar a village of rescue goes to people like Puthalan Usman, Kundukulam Valyappu and Turky Kunjahammed.  The present leader of the rescuers is 50-year-old Valyappu.

During the last 3 years these villagers have donated blood to 300 persons.

Unselfish acts of rescue: that is the mark of this village.


Courtesy: Thoppil Shajahan, Vanitha

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