April 23, 2002  

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V.C.Raju, Padamukham near Murikkasseri, Idukki.


Once at Malayattor, V.C.Raju saw a beggar being trampled upon by 3 men.  He thought: “Oh, God, he too is a human being like me.”  When he offered the beggar a bottle of soda, Raju saw the extreme thirst of the man.  Then and there Raju thought of providing a shelter to people like that.

With donation of 2 months salary from his sister who was a nurse in Italy, and the money from his chitty, he bought 10 cents of land at Padamukham near Murikkasseri, Idukki.  He then constructed two rooms and kitchen for the Home that now houses 56 inmates.

His wife Shiny initially opposed the idea of a Shenamandiram.  Running a grocery shop is the only means of livelihood for the Raju-Shiny couple who have 3 children.  Running the store is Shiny’s responsibility now.

“God knows everything.  For the last 3 years, the only item we had to purchase was 7 kg of rice.  All other items come as donations from someone or other.  During birthdays, marriages and baptism, people bring food here”, says Shiny.

Rosamma from Thopromkudi brings vegetables and banana as thanksgiving for the cancer-cure of her 7-year-old son.  Josy from Rajakkad every month donates money for one-time meal.  2 shop owners donate rice every month while 2 others provide funds to build 2 more rooms.  All these donations come unsolicited.

There is a team to help in the activities at the Home.  Day at the Shenamandiram begins at 4 a.m. 

“When I feel tense, I rush to their side.  Singing with them or hearing a story from them instantly calms me down”, says Shiny.


Courtesy: Vanitha, December 15-31, 1999

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