March 23, 2002

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P.V. Iype, Senior Manager, Canara Bank, Kottayam

Whistling is an expression of inner joy and people often indulge in it from bathroom to bedroom.  However, P.V. Iype, Senior Manager, Canara Bank, Kottayam has elevated it to the stage of a performing art.  His performance accompanied by orchestra has been featured in TV channels.

Iype comes from a family that is musically inclined.  As a child he was fascinated with this art form.  Then came the intense training dedication, discipline and self-control.  His initial break came when he was a student of CMS College, Kottayam.  The young whistler was well received and it prompted him to strive for greater glory.  Thus he began whistling to the accompaniment of orchestra. 

His career as a banker did not in any way hamper his enthusiasm for whistling.  Rather, coming back to whistling after a tense day in office used to sooth his taut nerves.

Iype is nostalgic about the old Malayalam film songs.  Those golden oldies are his favourites for whistling. 

Iype is certainly happy with his hobby.  But he knows too well the effort involved.  For he has to control the breath from beginning to end.  Rhythm and pitch are other factors over which he needs to have control.  That is why he prefers to go in for slow moving numbers.

He has a staunch ally and a critic in his wife, Valsa, who is a Professor of English at CMS College, Kottayam.


Courtesy: Rebecca Thomas, The New Indian Express

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