March 22, 2002

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Pacha of   Parakkalayi- Kalikkadavu Harijan Colony in Kodom-Belur Panchayat in Kasargod.

After 6 months of ceaseless struggle, Pacha can now heave a sigh of relief.  For she and her children can now drink pure water from the well dug by her all alone.

Pacha belongs to the water-scarce Parakkalayi-Kalikkadavu Harijan Colony in Kodom-Belur Panchayat in Kasargod.  The only source of water in the colony was a rusted bore well producing contaminated water.

It was then that illiterate Pacha hit upon the idea of digging a well.  That there was no one to help her did not deter her.

She wielded the pick axe to loosen the earth and then removed the earth.  As the well became deeper she used a bamboo ladder do go down the earth.

Without worrying about other factors, Pacha kept on digging.  And one day in the scorching month of May, the spring of water became visible at the bottom of the well.

She had dug up to 28 feet (14 kol) all alone.  Then two young men from the village helped her for two days.  At 36 feet (18 kol) there was enough water in the well.

Unlike regular wells that are circular, Pacha’s well is rectangular.  She had herself selected the location for the 2m long by 1.5m wide well.

Her 12-year-old son Jayesh and two daughters, Sunitha and Bindu used to help her.  School-going Jayesh used to help her after class.  The daughters used to help their mother after coming back from work.


Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi

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March 22 - World Water Day