April 14, 2002  

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Dr. K.S. Sankar, S. N. Hospital, Parakkot, Adoor  

Dr. K.S. Sankar who spent the last 11 years of his Government Service in the Leprosy Hospital at Nooranadu, declining even a promotion in the bargain, has been honoured with a Best Doctor  award by the Government.

Dr. Sankar joined the biggest leprosy sanatorium in Kerala at Nooranadu as he had no other choice.  He had initially considered it as only a transit point in his career.  But a chance meeting with Dr. H. Srinivasan of National Leprosy Institute, Chengalpet, Tamil Nadu changed all that.

This doctor with double FRCS used to treat leprosy patients with such dedication and sincerity that it opened Dr.Sankarís eyes to the meaning of contentment in life.

Dr. Sankar reconginsed that treating leprosy patients was his destined vocation.

Before Dr. Sankarís arrival, ex-patients used to wield surgeonís knife to amputee the pus-oozing fingers of leprosy patients.  Sankar started doing the job himself.  While other staff members tried to be as far away from the patients as possible, Dr.Sankar tried to mingle with them.  For 11 years, he and his family consisting of wife and 2 daughters used to stay in the quarters attached to the hospital.

Dr. Sankar took the initiative to register a cooperative society for the patients.  Similarly, he made many attempts to build a bridge between the patients and the society.  Many drama troupes performed at the Sanatorium free of charge.  With the help of many NGOís, he was able to build a movie theatre for the in-patients

In 1981 he retired from service.  2 years prior to that he was promoted and transfereed to another post.  Dr. Sankar did not have to think twice about declining the offer and continuing in the same post till retirement.



Courtesy: B.V.Pavanan, Kerala Kaumudi, October 11, 1998

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