April 13, 2002  

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Jacob Vadakkanchery, Aruvi Health Hotel, SRM Road, Ernakulam North.

A hotel where one would get tasty but satvic food; where food cooked before 5 hours is not served; where the principles of naturopathy are incorporated – the first hotel of this kind in Kerala is perhaps the Aruvi Health Hotel situated at SRM Road, Ernakulam North.

And the man behind the novel attempt is Jacob Vadakkanchery.  He and his colleagues with inclination towards naturopathy have formed the Navjeevan Trust that runs the hotel.

The motto of the hotel is to give nutritious, hygienic and tasty food to its customers.

Tea, coffee and non-vegetarian items are not served here.  For breakfast one can choose from ‘Appam’, ‘Puttu’, ‘Fruit Payasam’, ‘Fruit juice’ etc.  For lunch a nine-item rice and curry fare awaits you.  For evening snacks there is beaten rice, ‘kozhukkatta’, ground nut laddu etc.  And for dinner there is gruel or chappathi to choose from.  Cooking is done in earthen or bronze vessels.  The balance left over from one session is not served in the next.  Items like red chilli, maida, sugar, pappad and onion are avoided in  preparations.

Although satvic food is given preference here, taste is not neglected.  This could be gauged by the number of satisfied customers flocking to the hotel.  From officers to doctors to autorickshaw drivers, many health-conscious customers frequent the hotel.

Rice and vegetable needed for the hotel are bought directly from organic farms.

The Trust runs a ‘Kuruvi Eco Shop’ adjacent to the hotel.  Here one could get books on Naturopathy, Agriculture, Health and Women’s Issues.  Also on sale are items like honey, organic bathing powder, tooth powder etc. 

If one were to book in advance, ‘Poonkuruvi Flying Meals’  would deliver lunch anywhere in Ernakulam.


Courtesy: Mahilaratnam.

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