March 13, 2002

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K.A. Nasar, ‘Honas Pen Hospital’, Palace Road, Thrissur.

It was the day a judge was to pronounce judgement on a important case in a court at Thrissur.  His pen fell in the courtroom and got damaged.  Though he tried a few other pens, he wasn’t satisfied.  The judgement was postponed for another day.

The same day the pen was brought to the ‘Honas Pen Hospital’, Palace Road, Thrissur.  The pen doctor, K.A. Nasar quickly repaired the same.  And the judge delivered the judgement with élan. 

Nasar’s hospital is a busy single room affair.  Started by his father Abdulla more than half a century ago, Nasar took over stewardship of the hospital in 1978 when his father became too old to attend to pens.  Abdulla, who was earlier employed at a pen factory in Kolkatta had started the hospital after coming to Thrissur.

The consulting time at the hospital is from 9 a.m to 6 p.m.  Sunday is a holiday.

The ‘doctor’ is always busy inside the hospital.  He attends all ‘casualties’.  He doesn’t ask much about the symptoms.  By touching the ‘patient’, he diagnoses the illness.  The treatment will be over very fast unless the ‘medicines’ are out of stock.  And rarely is the ‘patient’ asked to be admitted.

Now the times have changed.  From stylus to steel pens to use-and-throw ones, pens have come a long way.  Although the new generation prefers use-and-throw type pens, the rush at the pen hospital goes on increasing.



Courtesy: C.A.Krishnan, Kerala Kaumudi (May 28, 2000)

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