April 10, 2002  

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J.G. Subhananda Sasthrikal, Veppinmoodu, Kallayam, Thiruvananthapuram

A scholar who has devoted at least a quarter century to study about the ancient Keralites and their cultural values – that is J.G. Subhananda Sasthrikal.

The 74-year-old Sastrikal of Veppinmoodu, Kallayam, Thiruvananthapuram is a Siddha doctor too.  After years of study and research, he has published a book on the Nadar community and their relationship with the regality in the previous centuries.  The book is titled, “South Indian Kalari – through centuries.”

Sastrikal, who is a  scholar in 5 languages –Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit and English – finds time to carry on literacy activities in the remote colonies of the poor.

After working for 16 years as a High School teacher, he had to resign from the job in response to an inner urge and call.  Since then he has devoted his time to Siddha medicine and historical research.

In the course of his research work into ancient artifacts and manuscripts, he has uncovered many historical facts which he wishes to share with us and the posterity.  Beside the book on South Indian Kalari, he has published another one titled “Partition of Tamil Nadu”.  A few books authored by him are yet to be published for want of financial support.  They include, “The ancient people and their civilization”, “Rain of tears”, “weet thoughts” (Children’s literature) etc.

With a hope that they too will be published one day, he goes on with his chosen vocation.



Courtesy: K.Mahadevan Nair, Kerala Kaumudi 

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