April 9, 2002  

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Suchitra, Kung Fu Martial Academy, Thiruvalla

Kung Fu is meant for only those who can synchronise body and mind.  Surmounting the intense effort needed to master this martial art, a 9th standard girl has won the 1st black belt among women in Kerala.

Suchitra is now a ‘master’ at the Kung Fu Martial Academy, Thiruvalla, where she teaches women twice her age.

To progress in Kung Fu, one must even be able to interpret the facial expressions of the opponent.  There have been many brown and blue belts in Kung Fu among women before, but the first black belt is Suchitra’s.

The way she came to martial art arena is interesting.  Her childhood was racked by severe attack of asthma.  With constant admission and discharge from hospitals, she went through a bad patch till the age of 8.

The asthma, which never bowed to medicine, first showed signs of relenting when she started practicing yoga.  It was totally cured when she started practicing Kung Fu, says her father Madhusoodanan.  Her younger brother Chantu was also cured of asthma by practicing Kung Fu, says the father.  Chantu’s guru is Suchitra.

With the blossoming of her talent in Kung Fu, an all round development has taken place in her.  Now many art forms are intimately known to her.  She sings Carnatic music quite well.  She dances Bharathanatyam and yet is not behind in western style of dance.  Even in beauty contest she has tried her hand.  Twice she was runner up in the contest held at Chengannur.

But her aim in life is to become a police officer like Kiran Bedi.



Courtesy: Aswini, Kerala Kaumudi 

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