April 8, 2002  

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K.S. Sivan, Kidangamparambu, Alappuzha

Chickoos Sivan may not be known to many even in Alappuzha.  But to the children of that locality he is a master storyteller, one who enlivens their summer vacations.

For 10 years now, K.S. Sivan, Kidangamparambu has been the organizer and chief tutor at the ‘Chickoos Kaliyarangu’, an Academy where the young children develop their artistic skills.

Based on the experience of 9 years, this year even children from outside the District applied to the Academy.  However, only 150 of them could be admitted for lack of space, laments Sivan.

Chickoos is the name of Sivan’s youngest child.  The children coming to Sivan’s house to learn painting and hear stories gave the name ‘Chickoo’ to Sivan’s Academy.

The way Sivan turned to drawing and painting is interesting.  He had wanted to become a journalist.  However, the most potent attraction during his school days was the hope of meeting the loving and affectionate nun in his Thathampalli school.  It was the compassionate presence of angelic ‘Ay Madamma’ – for that was how he addressed her – that made him drop the idea of journalism and instead cultivate the sensibility of an artist.

Once during Children’s Day celebration, during a painting competition, he was able to spot the talent of 4-year-old Sunil, a boy from fisherman family.  He wanted to train and nurture such talents.

This boy won a National Talent Scholarship in painting after 6 years.  That was the first fruition of my idea and my first ‘gurudakshina’, says Sivan.

The concluding session of the Summer Camp is run entirely by the children.  Elders and invited guests have only spectators’ role.



Courtesy: N.V.Satheesan, Kerala Kaumudi May 4, 1997

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