April 5, 2002  

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Francis, Thanchankot, Kuttichool Panchayat, Thiruvananthapuram

For the orphans he is a good Samaritan.  Francis of Thanchankot, Kuttichool Panchayat, Thiruvananthapuram brings up 19 orphans together with his own 2 children in his house.

Since his childhood Francis used to feel an affinity for orphans.  However, being only a daily labourer, he could not afford to help them much.  But after his marriage, with the help of his wife, he has been able to give shape to his plans.

Francis used to go on Gospel work after the dayís work.  It was during one such occasion that he met an orphan boy Shibu.  Francis brought him home.  And that was the beginning.

Today there are 11 girls and 8 boys living with his family.  This includes Paul and Jose who are dumb. 

It cannot be said that all inmates are orphans.  Some have been entrusted to Francis by desperate mothers unable to bring them up while some others have remarried and abandoned their children.

When the number of inmates increased, the extended family moved into a rented house at Thachankode.  These children are studying at Manthikulam L.P.School and Paruthippally V.H.S.School.

Expense for the upkeep of the orphanage is met partly from donations and partly from the hard earned money of Francis.  He gets grocery on credit.  And the landlord isnít very strict about timely payment of rent.

There is no segregation between his own children and the orphans.  All dine in the same row and sleep in the same room.  Except for the fact that his younger child is breastfed by his wife Sheela, there is absolute equality among all the inmates.



Courtesy: S. Vinod Chitt, Kerala Kaumudi

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