June 4, 2002 

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C.K.Vatsan of Mayyazhi, Mahi

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C.K.Vatsan of Mayyazhi, Mahi, has become the 1st Indian to qualify in the 3rd level test for technical officers conducted by International Amateur Athletics Federation, the supreme body in world athletics.

His achievement becomes all the more meritorious when we know that no other Indian has qualified even in the 2nd level of the test.

In the 3rd level test conducted at Singapore last year, only 4 persons from Asia could qualify.  It is from the panel of 37 qualified at that time that future technical officers of International athletic meets, including Olympic Games, will be selected.

Already he has been selected as technical officer for the next Asian Games to be held in South Korea.

He had been technical advisor and referee in the Senior Asian Track and Field meet held in 1998 in Japan, in 2000 at Jakarta and in 2001 at Brunei as well as in the Commonwealth Games held in Malaysia in 1998.

Vatsan who took B.Com degree from Loyola College, Chennai, was the University champion in long jump.  It was after joining Port Trust, Chennai that he turned his attention to the grammar of athletics.

“It is not specialization in a single event but a holistic knowledge of the track and field that is needed to excel in IAAF test”, he says.  “Those who have officiated at athletic meets in India stand a good chance to shine in the test.  Since we do not have technological sophistication like the West, the technical officer has to rely more on his brain.  Besides, as the number of participants in a competition is large, those who control such ‘mega’ events get trained to handle complex situations”, he adds.


Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, January 11, 2002

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