March 3, 2002

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K.B.Manoj Kumar, Manakkadavu, Alakkode, Kannur


If you wish to switch off the fan late at night without waking up, here is help.

A young man with no formal training in electronics has developed a timer device to switch off home appliances at the desired time.  K.B.Manoj Kumar, working at Kerala Automobile Limited (KAL), Thiruvananthapuram has recently developed the timer device, whose production cost is just Rs. 150.

All electrical appliances can be connected to the time-switch unit, which is the third significant product developed by Manoj.

Earlier he had developed a Remote Ariel for clear reception of radio programmes in his remote western Ghat village of Manakkadavu in Alakkode, Kannur.  If the Remote Ariel is kept near the radio, programmes from all stations in South India can be received clearly.  This invention, which Manoj did while studying for Pre-Degree, cost just Rs.130.

The second device he invented was also connected with radio.  It was a device to receive FM broadcasts in Medium Wave.

Manoj is trying to patent the three devices.

Earlier he had written to the Government to provide him infrastructure support to pursue his research.  After scrutiny of his claims, the Department of Science, Technology and Environment gave him the green signal to pursue the research at KAL.

Manoj is the son a carpenter K.P.Bhaskaran.  Although he had shown inclination towards electronics even while at school, he could study only Commerce at Pre-Degree and Degree levels.  Though he joined M.Com course, adverse financial position made him discontinue the studies.


Courtesy: Mathrubhoomi

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