June 1, 2002 

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Raveendran, Narayana Nagar, Vatakara, Kozhikode 673101

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At night one can often hear the sound of guitar and harmonium from the workshop of a carpenter at Narayana Nagar, Vatakara.  It is Raveendran tuning the musical instruments made by him.  He claims to be the only person in Kerala producing box guitar, harmonium and violin.

He came to this field accidentally.  After basic education he went to work in film studios of Chennai as a carpenter.  Later he started a firm, ‘Rohini Musicals’, to lend musical instruments to the film field.

Once when a guitar was damaged, a music director sought his help.  He taught Raveendran the art of making guitars and tuning them.

That was a turning point in his life.  From then onwards he made many box guitars, violins and harmoniums.

After returning to Koothuparambu from Chennai, he felt that making musical instruments alone would not be sufficient to earn a living.  So he went back to carpentry jobs.

However, based on demand, he makes musical instruments.  He purchases the parts from Chennai and completes the work during his spare time.  He uses the harmonium to tune the notes.

His guitar costs Rs.850, violin Rs.2000 and harmonium Rs.2200.

Raveendran has done many sculptures and paintings too.  Customers come to him through word-of-mouth publicity.


Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, January 24, 2002.

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