April 1, 2002  

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Prasad, Vellappallil Veedu, Neendoor, Kottayam

12-year-old Prasad’s canvas is big.  He has the bare walls of his home, Vellappallil Veedu at Neendoor, Kottayam as a broad canvas to paint his favourite gods and goddesses.

Initially, his father Somanachari and mother Ponnamma found his dabbling irritating. However when they realized the blooming talent in those works of art, they became proud and appreciative.

Prasad’s interest in painting was aroused at the age of 8.  Although his father is only a headload worker, he somehow manages to buy paints, brushes and paper for his son’s hobby.

It isn’t only on the bare walls that Prasad has displayed his talent.  His paintings on paper and cloth are kept in a iron trunk.

Prasad is proficient in clay modeling and handicrafts too.  His figures on wood, carved using a knife, are as pleasing as the paintings.  Also, he has made many models of houses.

“Prasad needs only very little time to complete the drawings”, say the children in the neighbourhood.  He draws their sketches in a jiffy.

Prasad’s uncles have now initiated him into their ancestral art of gold smithy.

Even when he involves himself in the world of lines and paints, he doesn’t neglect his studies.

Many persons, from far and near, come to see the young artist and his works.

“Prasad is the vermillion mark on the forehead of our school”, says the headmistress of his school.

His father wants to send Prasad for further training after class 10.  But financial difficulties fog his hopes.


Courtesy: Neendoor Rajesh, Kerala Kaumudi

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