June 29, 2002 

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Sivadasan, Njamanangad, Pullazhi Thrissur 680012

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It was his father Vasu’s wish that his son should be a support to an orphan girl that led Sivadasan to the St.Joseph Home, Pullazhi.  And he selected his life partner Ajitha from there.

The wedding was held in the local temple according to traditional Hindu custom.  Fr. Joseph Vilangadan, Director of the Home and Sister Maria played the role of girl’s parents.

Ajitha isn’t an orphan entirely.  Her father had left them 18 years ago after her mother Saraswathy was paralysed below the waist.  While her mother was reconciled to her fate, she yearned that her daughter should have a reasonable future.  It was then that the local people got involved and helped Ajitha become an inmate of the orphanage. 

At the orphanage she studied SSLC, and underwent training in nursery teachers’ course and computer.  After the wedding Ajitha and her husband were received at the Home with warm enthusiasm and lighted candles by the inmates and staff.

“Today is a blessed day in my life”, said Sivadasan, who runs a barbershop at .  “I feel like one who has conquered the world.  I only pray that this light in my heart may never be extinguished.” 

Her mother, who could not attend the wedding, blessed and prayed for the couple from the old age home where she stays.


Courtesy: P.M.Regimon, Mathrubhumi, December 18, 2001

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