June 24, 2002 

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Marakkar Haji, Thennalathara, near Pookkipparambu, Malappuram

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Marakkar Haji was fond of children even as a youngster.  Yet he and his wife Chittamma were destined not to have their own children.

This sadness tormented their hearts.  They read the Holy Quran where it says that if you fondle an orphan’s hair desiring the love of God, you shall be rewarded in multiples even as there are hairs on that head.

Thus after much thought they decided to convert their home at Thennalathara, near Pookkipparambu, Malappuram into an orphanage (Hasaneeya Yatheemkhana).

Earlier, Marakkar returned after years of business at Chennai and Andhra Pradesh, with good savings, intending to start a jewellery shop.  However, he was persuaded to desist from this risky venture.

Again he went on a traveling spree, this time for another 5 years.  This time when he returned he was ready to start the jewellery shop.  The venture was successful.

But emptiness haunted him and his wife.  Then despite good-natured opposition, he firmed up his decision to start the Yatheemkhana.

It was then that his shop was burgled.  He lost jewels worth Rs.4 lakhs at that time.

But nothing deterred him.  With 9 children, he and his wife started the orphanage.  For the initial 6 months, he ran it alone.  Later he entrusted the running of the unit to a people’s committee, limiting his role to that of the treasurer.

Contributions from well wishers and the profit from the shop help run the orphanage.  He and his wife have bequeathed their assets worth Rs. 40 lakhs to the Yatheemkhana, which now houses 50 children.

“We do not desire anything in this world”, says Marakkar.

Haji and Chittamma with the children


Courtesy: V.R.Jyothish, Vanitha, April 1-14, 2002

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" Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes him. "