June 23, 2002 

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Raghavan, Mayur Village, New Delhi.

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Raghavan, a Keralite settled in Delhi, specializes in brass inlay works.  And as a strange incident, his talent blossomed at the dusk of his life, after he retired from service in National Small Industries Corporation.

Brass inlay work is a tedious job requiring much patience.  The picture to be carved out is copied to the rosewood panel and the outline is grooved out.  Flattened brass wires of various sizes are hammered into the grooves.  The picture becomes bright after polishing.

Among the many works he has completed include the portraits of Indira Gandhi, Raveendranath Tagore, K.R.Narayanan, J.R.D.Tata etc and others like Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak and Geethopadesa.

He doesn’t sell his works but has donated many of them for noble causes like cyclone in Andhra Pradesh (1997), earthquake at Lathur etc.

Raghavan, a bachelor at 70, is a native of Trikkannapuram near Kuthuparamba in Kannur.  He is now settled at Mayur Village, New Delhi.

After retirement from service in 1985, he joined the Kerala School of Art at Thalassery to polish his innate talents.  Until then he was a self-made artist though he had learnt the art of brass inlay work from late Mulraj, a master craftsman and a national award winner.

“I continue my creative work and get boundless pleasure by engaging myself in this activity”, he says.


Courtesy: Shajitha, New Indian Express

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