June 19, 2002 

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T.K.Abraham, Mannur, Palakkad

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35 years ago when T.K.Abraham purchased 50 acres of dry land at Mannur, Palakkad for agriculture, water was his major challenge.

But today after much struggle, he is able to get enough water to irrigate his mixed crops consisting of coconuts, areca nuts, pepper, banana and tapioca as well as provide water to 20 other families living nearby.

In his farm, perennial crops are cultivated along contours.  This helps in water and soil conservation.  In addition, water ditches are provided to trap rainwater and recharge ground water.

In addition, for the effective use of water, he has installed a total of 4km of PVC pipes in the farm.  Water is fed to the roots of the plants and trees using this conveyance system.

The single source of water in the farm is augmented by supply from the nearby river, for which he has laid a 2km pipeline.  A 20hp motor pumps this water to a big tank in the farm.  From there a 10hp motor pumps it to different corners of the field.

He has constructed two parallel roads throughout the farm.  These are interconnected at different places.  The construction of a road from the main road 2km away to the farm is another project he has completed.  Although the effort benefits the people in general, he had to buy land from individuals at 3 places to complete the road.

And now his efforts are directed towards creating solidarity of farmers to meet the challenges of falling prices.


Courtesy: Karshakasree, May 2002

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