June 7, 2002 

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Bharathan, ‘Madhukunj’, Palliyath, Peralasseri

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Retired schoolmaster Bharathan is now Bharathen doctor to many.  They approach him for free consultation on nature cure and natural living.

And coming to the master’s 10-cent plot at ‘Madhukunj’, Palliyath, Peralasseri, one would think that it is a natural forest.  For in this small stretch of land, the master is growing weeds to medicinal plants.

Those who come to him for consultation do so after exhausting all the possibilities of allopathy and homoeopathy.  And majority of such patients are diabetics.  Bharathan himself was suffering from acute diabetics when he met the doyen of nature cure, Varmaji.  It was afterwards that Bharathan turned his attention to life natural.

At present he is providing free consultation in nature cure at Kannur, Payyannur and Chakkarakkal.  He opines tat if Government gives encouragement, this branch of medicine could be strengthened to benefit the people.

In his house, all domestic animals are set free.  Be it dog or cow or rabbits, they are neither chained or cages.  And all of them are bosom buddies of the master.  Being a devotee of Nature, he loves all the flora and fauna in creation.


Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi

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