July 31, 2002 

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Kannan, Karingad, near Thottilpalam, Kozhikkode

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Whether it is chiseling quarry stones or polishing the written word, Kannan Karingad’s hands are dexterous for both purposes.

Kannan, Karingad, near Thottilpalam, Kozhikkode, is a quarry worker whose first novel, ‘Poorvaaparam’, was published by DC Books, Kottayam, recently.

If you thought that a writer of humble origin would predominantly portray poverty and its social implications, you would be mistaken while going through Kannan’s work.  It is rather a scientific temper that animates his outlook.

Sitting in his un-electrified small hut when he talks about biological computers and cloning and chaos to his children and parents, the listener is sure to be wonderstruck by the breadth of his interests.

Whether it is writing a poem in a science magazine or reviewing the poems of illustrious authors like Sugathakumari and ONV Kurup, his vision encompasses a wider area of human knowledge.

Kannan, who forges his own chisel for work, has fabricated a simple instrument – using tongue cleaner – to predict earthquakes.

In Kannan’s novel, there was a chapter titled ‘Birthday Party’, which was left out at the last moment.  In it there is a mention about a mad sultan who is peeved by the growing friendship between Russia and USA and their effort to reclaim the Alaska Bay as a new country, ‘Ameresia’.  The sultan showers hell over St. Petersburg and New York.  From the ocean, chemical weapons, shaped like dolphin and shark flew towards the skyscrapers.

A bit ominous – post September 11 – isn’t it?


Courtesy: R.Madhusankar (text) and P.N.Sreevatsan (photo), Sree, Malayala Manorama, October 14, 2001

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