July 23, 2002 

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Mariam, ‘Spring Valley Homes’, Mancherikkuzhi, Kumarapuram, Kochi

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Mariam was born a spastic.  The illness crippled her movement and rendered her handwriting hazy.  Yet with a steely resolve, she fought against all odds, became a postgraduate and started a home for the disabled near Kochi.

Mariam who was born in Mumbai, got admission in a regular school, Queen Mary, thanks to the principal Ms. Eapen who was polio affected and hence could empathise with her.

Till the age of 14, she underwent multiple operations below the knee.  During this period, with constant encouragement from the Principal, she relentlessly practiced typewriting, first with one finger and then with multiple fingers.

She passed ICSE with 2nd class.  In college, she strove to master the task of writing.  However, as she couldn’t write fast enough during exams, a student 2 years her junior wrote the answer sheets for her.

Displaying strong determination, she obtained degree in Social Science and Psychology.  Later she obtained MA in Psychology and diploma in treating children with cerebral palsy.

In 1983 she got married to George, then working as a Junior Librarian at Queen Mary School.  Again, against all odds she gave birth to 2 children – Soumya and Swarup.

Despite many achievements, including a book of poems and an autobiography (Broken Wings), she felt that her life’s purpose was yet to unfold.  Sensing her uneasiness, George brought the family to Kochi.

They sold their flat in Mumbai and started ‘Spring Valley Homes’ a 2˝-acre institute for handicapped persons at Mancherikkuzhi, Kumarapuram, Kochi.  Last May the Home started functioning.  Mariam had realized that her days are meant for these handicapped children also.

Mariam with her husband


Courtesy: GRI (text), Benny Paul (photo), Malayala Manorama, October 29, 2000.

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