July 22, 2002 

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School for Harmonic Research, Velur near Thrissur 680601

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Founded on the premise that all activities under the sun are based on vibrations of objects in different mathematical and hence musical proportions, an institute has been started at Velur near Thrissur to undertake research on keeping manís activities in harmony with Nature.

The School for Harmonic Research, set up by the Lisieu Ashram of the St.Thomas Province of the Little Flower Congregation was inaugurated last week by Dr. Werner Schultze of the University of Music, Vienna.

Fr.Johnson Vettoonickal, director of the school said the primary objective of the school was to look deep into ancient knowledge and Indian wisdom and to impart the knowledge to experts in selected fields.

As part of the research, a well, christened ĎAve Sangeeth Sadan Wellí has been constructed inside the compound of the ashram.  This well, which is 6m in diameter and 45 ft deep, has been constructed in accordance with the harmonious law of Nature propagated by German mathematician and astronomer, Johannes Kepler, the Pythagoran principles and ancient Indian knowledge of wells.

The well and its 9.5m high superstructure have cost the ashram an estimated Rs.3 lakhs.

In the 2nd phase of the programme, the school will turn to the application of the principles learnt to two areas: Ayurveda and water conservation.

Superstructure of the well


Courtesy: N.V.Davies, Indian Express, April 27, 1998

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