July 20, 2002 

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Bindu George, Perumpanachi, near Changanacherry

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She is adding artistic touch to plain candles and candle stands.  Bindu George, Perumpanachi, near Changanacherry designs ornate candles and stands.

While she uses eggshells and glass tumblers to design the shape of candles, she employs a welder to fabricate metallic candle stands as per her designs.

These embellished stands and cute-looking candles are in demand during exhibitions for handicrafts.  Many orders come to her for different reasons: birthday of children, Christmas celebration or the desire to add to the showcase at home.

“My husband worked earlier in North India.  I learned the art while staying with him there.  After returning to Kerala, I experimented with this art form.  When the demand increased, I joined Raji Sajan at her shop ‘Maria Rare Arts’, Changanacherry to market these items”, she says.

Besides candle making, she has learned glass painting, nib painting, artificial flower making and fabric painting.

Candle and stand making can be income-generating hobbies, she says.  If one has talent in drawing, many designs can be made easily.


Courtesy: Vanitha, November 15-30, 2000

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