July 17, 2002 

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Athira, Jawahar Balabhavan, Thiruvananthapuram

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Teenager Athira who made people sit up and take notice with her 13-hour nonstop violin recital has done it again.  This time she has won the national-level Balasree award.

Balasree award competition is an inter-Balabhavan contest.  Athira, representing Jawahar Balabhavan, Thiruvananthapuram won the award in violin recital.  She achieved this distinction after tough competition at State, Zonal and National level.

She hails from a family of musicians.  Her grandfather is late Kodampilly Gopala Pillai.  Her father, an engineer in Telecom, is also a musician.

Even at a young age, Athira composes symphonies and demonstrates keen grasp of rare ragas.

On January 16, 2002, she received the award from Smt.Usha Narayanan, wife of the President.  The ceremony was followed by Athira’s violin concert.

Athira receiving the award


Courtesy: Vanitha, March 1-14, 2002

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