July 12, 2002 

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Maitri, IV / 1082, Rajagiri Road, Rajagiri P.O, Kalamassery 683104

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Often the one factor that prevents an act of suicide is the availability of a compassionate listener, one who is rather difficult to come by in the jostling cityscape.

It is on this premise that the voluntary counseling center, Maitri, IV / 1082, Rajagiri Road, Rajagiri P.O, Kalamassery 683104 (Phone  0484-556988) was formed.

The organization was the culmination of discussions between Dr.C.G.John, psychiatrist, Dr.O.P.George of Rajagiri College and others.

One can contact Maitri either by phone or post.  “We do not try to give lofty advices.  Rather, we listen to the tensed up person with patience and politeness.  We try to point out some alternatives and try to lead them to their own strengths”, says Dr.Vijayalakshmi, director of the organization.

The organization has been accorded recognition by Befrienders’ International.  The funds for such activities come from well wishers.  Recently Maitri conducted a painting competition for children.  The winning entries have been converted into greeting cards and marketed.  This is another way of income generation for the organization.

A trained group of 21 volunteers carry out all the activities.  Among them 14 are housewives.  Their details as well as the details of those who seek help are kept confidential.

When we think that all is lost, it may not be so.  Help could be just a call away.

A Maitri greeting card

Courtesy: Moncey Joseph, Vanitha

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"He that is master of himself will soon be master of others."